In houses, buildings… There are always things to renovate or improve, according our client’s needs. We simply try to be in the latest innovation in the field of construction.

comprehensive rehabilitation of old houses
repairs of specific parts
Repairs of the damages caused by the passage of time.


Our fundamental objectives are:

Pursuance in implementation’s time: we adhere our work to a limited time and we comply with it.
Permanent contact with our clients: our main objective is to achieve a relationship between the construction company and the development company based on confidence.
Available for immediate occupation: we can work entirely for the project. Our purpose is to have the house available for immediate occupation.


Melià Constructions is a company with whom you can achieve your comprehensive project of new building or renovation. We elaborate your project and we are also in charge of the garden design, kitchen, landscape, carpentry, electrical installation, painting… We always try to maintain a balance between comfort and price.

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